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World Star Enterprise, a Canadian business that was established in 2007.


World Star Enterprise deals in wholesale consumer electronics, mainly tablets and cellular phones. The company’s brands include HP, Blackberry, Samsung, Apple, Sony and Microsoft. With many years of experience in the wholesale industry,World Star Enterprise has positioned itself to achieve the best products and prices for its customers. The company is fully committed to the highest quality products and this has helped it to be recognized as one of the leaders in its industry.


World Star Enterprise prides itself on its transaction system and internal operational processes and it runs a smooth, uncomplicated operation that makes it easy for customers to make purchases and engage with the ordering system.


Mission, Vision and Goals

World Star Enterprise mission is to deliver the latest technology to wholesale customers across the world while maintaining excellent customer relationships and the utmost in quality.


The company’s vision is to build a thriving and constructive business relationship with its trade partners globally in order to guarantee its growth and success for many years to come.

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